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Comparing European and American Hotel Laundry Models

When U.S. travelers stay at European hotels, they may notice a few differences: the room and bed sizes may vary from what they're typically used to, power outlets differ, bathrooms may be smaller, etc....

What Hotels Can Learn From How Hospitals Do Laundry

Hospitals and hotels have a lot in common: a demanding and increasingly well-informed clientele; a large hierarchy of workers with varying levels of responsibility; and payments increasingly tied to customer evaluations. These were among...
Academic communities

Hotels Can Work With the Academic Community to Advance Common Goals

As the labor market tightens, hotels will find it more difficult to attract and retain the most talented employees. But students and graduates will always be looking for the best opportunities. The hotel industry...
Hotel Laundry

As Hotels Adopt New Tech, Where Are the Innovations in Hotel Laundry?

Research company Trend Hunter last year released a list of the 25 most high-tech hotel innovations. As one might expect, the list included such innovations as digital key access via guests' smartphones, robots that...

Green vs. Sustainable: How the Terms Apply to Hotel Laundry

Equating the term "environmentally friendly" with "sustainable" is usually a safe bet. Machines and products designed to take less of a toll on the planet than equivalent technologies often last longer as well. These...