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As Hotels Adopt New Tech, Where Are the Innovations in Hotel Laundry?

Research company Trend Hunter last year released a list of the 25 most high-tech hotel innovations. As one might expect, the list included such...

Green vs. Sustainable: How the Terms Apply to Hotel Laundry

Equating the term "environmentally friendly" with "sustainable" is usually a safe bet. Machines and products designed to take less of a toll on the...

Bringing Linen Processing In-House

How important is the finished quality of a hotel’s linens? Well, consider if a guest had a great day on the property and upon...
Washing Machine Hotel Laundry

Managing Laundry Chemical Use

Hotel laundry operations can vary immensely depending on a property’s needs. One area where most agree, however, is that hotel linens and towels must...

Why Outsourced Laundry Is More Common in Europe

Whether a hotelier chooses an outsourced linen and uniform service or maintains an on-premises laundry (OPL), there is no disputing benefits that come with...