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How Contract and Non-Management Employee Payrolls Rose in 2017

As the pace of revenue growth continues to decelerate for U.S. hotels, the ability of hotel operators to control costs will determine the ability...
business travelers

Two Ways That Technology Can Mitigate Rising Labor Costs

North American hotels are experiencing record revenue as the economy continues to grow, but there is a downside to all this economic growth. Wages...
Restaurant staff training

Measuring the Impact of Growing Labor Expenses on Training Costs

In 2016, the average property in CBRE’s Trends in the Hotel Industry survey sample spent 31.3 percent of its total revenue, or 42.8 percent...
F&B profits

Hiring the Right Restaurant and Hospitality Staff

When a hotel or on-site restaurant is short staffed, every part of the business suffers. Hiring managers in the hospitality industry are looking for...
Robin I. Frank

What Hotel Operators Need to Know About Employment Law

Owning and operating a successful hotel requires compliance with a myriad of employment laws, particularly those relating to overtime and minimum wage laws. While...