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Daniel A. Johnson, CHA, CHIA, is a vice president of operations at Argeo Hospitality, an Anthony Melchiorri Company.
Unconscious bias

Besting Unconscious Bias

There are several well-known laws in the United States meant to prevent blatant discrimination and ensure equal treatment and consideration of individuals under the law. For example, Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights...
unconscious bias

Four Factors for Combating Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is a series of quick thoughts—often stemming from a collection of learned stereotypes influenced by a person’s background, cultural differences, and their environmental and personal experiences—that trigger quick judgments of people and...

Three Tough Scenarios Every GM Will Face

Employers frequently enter the hiring process with high hopes and aspirations, believing the addition of a new associate will bring positive change to the organization, an improvement to overall performance or add a certain...

Three Tips for Staying Ahead of Hotel Repairs

When it comes to predictive maintenance, it’s all about the basics. Here is what hoteliers should keep in mind when implementing predictive maintenance at their properties. Use common sense. Determine the impact of failed operating systems...

Building a Better Toolkit

While every hotel has different needs, here are some essentials that are useful in a toolkit across properties, segments, and locations. Decibel meter (guestroom noise should max out at 55 dba). 
650 lumen or...