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Jay Edward Furniture

Three Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Hotel Furniture

Being a furniture buyer in today’s lodging industry can be an intimidating task. There are so many options, tons of steps, and lots of...

Three Tips for Preventing Hotel Towel Theft

Preventing hotel towel theft is very difficult. In fact, some estimate that between 100,000 to 200,000 towels are stolen from hotels yearly. One of...
Refrigerator Temperature Monitor

Hotel Food Safety Starts with the Refrigerator

Most hotel and lodging properties' bread-and-butter is not found in the kitchen, but in the bedroom. The hotel's primary focus is keeping guestrooms and...
Price is right - price gouging

Four Steps To Avoid Price Gouging Accusations

Patricia S. Mahlstedt, Esq., member and co-chair of hospitality and gaming at Pittsburgh, Penn.-based law firm Eckert Seamans, says that the most important precaution...
Eric Danziger Trump Hotels

Good Advice: Operating a Brand Amidst Controversy

Eric Danziger, CEO of Trump Hotels, knows about operating a brand amidst controversy. He offers the following insight for hoteliers who may be in...