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Meeting Planner

The One Practice That Will Earn a Meeting Planner’s Trust

Even with the best of intentions, some hotel sales managers unwittingly prioritize winning the sale before building trust with the meeting planner. By simply committing to this one practice, hotel sales managers can win...
Book group business

Five Closing Tactics to Book Group Business

Blazingly successful group sales managers and directors don’t wait to initiate the close. They work the close right from the start. Today’s meeting planners are savvy decision makers not easily swayed by standard sales tactics....
Group Meetings - Data

Winning More Meetings Requires Hard Data

Most hotels rely on complimentary stays, elaborate dinners, spa treatments, and cookie-cutter sales tactics to win more event business. Today, the vast extent of group intelligence and analytics is upping the ante. By leveraging...

Building Rapport with Meeting Planners in the Digital World

When almost every client interaction has gone digital, it's critical to add personal rapport to every faceless communication—whether email, video chat, or texting. It’s easy to move quickly through the day firing off proposal...
Group Business Proposals

How To Overhaul Sales Proposals To Win Group Business

Which proposals usually make it to a meeting planner’s short list: a proposal template full of sales clichés that is only updated with a group’s name, dates, rates, and space; or a proposal that reflects a...