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Downturn chart

Positioning Hotels for a Possible Economic Downturn

HP Patel is the incoming chair of AAHOA and president and CEO of Capital City Hospitality Group. As a 
hotel owner and industry leader,...
front desk workforce

Five Health and Safety Tips for Hotel Staff

From clean, pressed sheets and fluffy white towels to impeccably dressed staff serving every guest with a beaming smile, many things contribute to the...

Expanding Hotel Revenue Streams

Kevin Carey, the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s new executive vice president and chief operating officer, shares how hoteliers can position their own properties...

Communication Is Key When Revamping Housekeeping Procedures

From bed wars to bathroom wars, the hotel industry has fought hard to maintain consumer appeal in the face of change. Over the course...

Public Area Housekeeping Basics: Timing, Signage, and Vigilance Are Key

The public areas of a hotel receive considerable traffic and require housekeeping attention to keep them looking clean and orderly. Here are a few...