Supply Line: Nine Mattress, Linen, and Bedding Products for Hotels

Essential product knowledge for the hospitality industry

1Spill Protection


The start of summer means more children staying in hotels. Protect mattresses from stains, spills, accidents, and wet swimsuits with Protect-A-Bed waterproof mattress pads and encasements. Keeping mattresses dry is key to preventing bad smells and early breakdown of the fibers.

2Supported Sleep

Sealy Posturepedic Performance Hybrid Collection - mattress

The Sealy Posturepedic Performance Hybrid Collection offers guests a unique sleep experience on a hybrid mattress that combines the support of Sealy Posturepedic innerspring coils with the personalized comfort of memory foam.

3Prevention Invention

Ezi Maid bed lifting system

The Ezi Maid bed lifting system can prevent the types of injuries that cause workers’ compensation claims, as it provides housekeepers with the ability to make beds standing up.

4Keep It Clean

CleanRest PRO Max mattress encasement

The new CleanRest PRO Max mattress encasement offers maximum waterproof protection on four sides (top, bottom, left, and right) and blocks allergens and bed bugs. Its vented ends allow air to escape the mattress so guests can sleep cool, as mattress encasements with waterproofing on all six sides will absorb and trap heat, creating a hot bed.

5Bed Lift

Bed MadeEZ Mattress Lifter

The Bed MadeEZ Mattress Lifter is an OSHA-recommended bed-making tool that lifts and holds up even the heaviest mattress, eliminating strain on the body while placing or removing linens. The narrow tip can be used to quickly tuck in sheets.

6Good Defense

PCIPAD from UMF Corporation

With a three-layer design for comfort, absorption, and a barrier, the PCIPAD from UMF Corporation helps companies ensure that every guest is treated to a “new bed” experience every stay. With the PCIPAD, hotels can save significant money by keeping mattresses in pristine condition, even when there are accidents. PCIPADs are durable and wash-tested to exceed 50 cycles.

7Sleep Tight

Serta Perfect Sleeper

The Serta Perfect Sleeper line, which was first introduced in 1931, still offers its exclusive continuous support Innerspring technology that combines innovative design and distinctive components to deliver superb comfort and lasting durability from the inside out.

8Constant Colors

Linen Life solutions

Textile degradation—i.e., fading color and bleeding—is an ongoing problem in the hospitality industry. To prevent these problems, Riegel, a division of Mount Vernon Mills, has created Linen Life solutions, which uses colorGUARD technology to extend the lifecycle of the textile and ensure a color-rich product from the first wash to the last.

9Going Green

CKI Solutions GreenSource

In line with the company’s commitment to the green movement, CKI Solutions has expanded into the mattress removal and recycling business under the brand. This means that 90 percent of mattress and box spring components can now be recycled at one of its certified recycling facilities.


This edition of Supply Line originally appeared in the May 2019 issue of LODGING. To be featured in Supply Line, please email Don Serfass.

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