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Flat or Fitted Sheets? Examining the Benefits of Both

Much like the chicken and egg debate, hoteliers have been deliberating for years about whether to use fitted sheets over the mattress pad, or to...
Sealy Posturepedic Performance Hybrid Collection - mattress

Supply Line: Nine Mattress, Linen, and Bedding Products for Hotels

Spill Protection The start of summer means more children staying in hotels. Protect mattresses from stains, spills, accidents, and wet swimsuits with Protect-A-Bed waterproof mattress...
Bed bugs on mattresses

Protecting Hotel Mattresses from Beg Bugs

Whenever anyone in the hotel industry talks about mattresses, it is almost certain that the conversation will eventually turn to bed bugs. A perennial...

The Benefits of Recycling Hotel Mattresses

Regardless of chain scale, mattress replacement is something that all hoteliers need to deal with on a regular basis. The enormity of this project...

Yotel Introduces Signature “SmartBed”

NEW YORK—Yotel has announced a brand-wide partnership with Serta to develop a mattress that will serve as Yotel's new signature sleep standard. The new...