TechnologyStayntouch Announces a Partnership With Main Street Hospitality

Stayntouch Announces a Partnership With Main Street Hospitality

BETHESDA, Maryland—Stayntouch announced a partnership with Main Street Hospitality, delivering its flagship mobile PMS across seven properties in the New England area.

Main Street Hospitality serves boutique destinations across New England. While focusing on properties that promote tourism, sustainability, and connections to the local community, Main Street Hospitality is growing by creating clusters of properties across the Northeast and other parts of the United States. Main Street Hospitality chose Stayntouch because it needed a PMS that could scale with its business, reduce the time and resources spent on training staff, and deliver a mobile check-in option to help enhance the welcome experience for its guests.

Greta Kipp, vice president of performance at Main Street Hospitality, said, “Main Street Hospitality will be expanding rapidly in the coming years, and we wanted a PMS that could grow with the pace of our business. We are very impressed with Stayntouch’s ability to deliver frequent product updates without disrupting the customer experience, as well as its engaging client success team, which is available around the clock if we need support. We also find the Stayntouch platform to be exceptionally nimble and intuitive, which has proven to be a critical asset in quickly training new hires. The option to utilize mobile welcome is also a major plus, as it provides our guests with a convenient and personalized way to check-in.”

Michael Helfin, chief revenue officer of Stayntouch, said, “Stayntouch has always remained committed to delivering guest-centric technology that can seamlessly grow with an expanding business. That’s why we are especially proud to provide a PMS that can help Main Street Hospitality more easily connect their guests with local communities, while also helping to drive the expansion of their sustainable business model.”

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