Six Ways To Keep HVAC Systems Free of Pests

Pest Control HVAC systems

Air conditioning is a must-have for many guests, making working HVAC systems critical to a hotel’s success. When these systems are not running properly, they can create an uncomfortable environment for guests and hotel staff and increase energy costs, driving up operating expenses for hoteliers. And when pests make their way into HVAC systems, they can compromise the functionality, efficiency, and quality of a hotel’s heating and cooling and have a significant financial impact on the property. Below are six ways to keep HVAC systems free of pests.

1. Identify the Signs 

The natural behaviors and habits of pests can leave enough signs for hotel staff or commercial pest control service technicians to pick up on. Recognizing and understanding that a hotel has a pest problem is the first step.

2. Seal Vents and Other Points of Entry


Any cracks and openings on the exterior of a property provide easy access for pests to invade. These openings are usually found around gutters, chimneys, shingles, flutes, loose siding, windows, doors, and vents. Sealing up these openings will also help hoteliers save on heating and cooling costs.

3. Use Air Vent Screens and Clean Outdoor Units

Outdoor air vents give insects and small rodents easy access to hotels and the property’s HVAC system. The best way to keep them out is by setting up mesh screens to cover the whole vent—specifically aluminum wire mesh for better pest control.

4. Maintain and Inspect HVAC units and Vents

Schedule routine annual HVAC maintenance check-ups to prevent pests from infiltrating the system. Commercial pest control services can spot warning signs before pests cause any damage as well as provide solutions to keep them out. Have air conditioner and furnace filters inspected on a monthly basis and replace when required. This ensures that the hotel’s air remains clean and improves the performance and efficiency of the HVAC system.

5. Keep Moisture Levels in Check

Most pests thrive in dark and moist conditions, so it’s important to avoid any water buildup around the property. Have staff ensure that all guestrooms, particularly the bathrooms, are properly ventilated. Also, get rid of any stagnate water that may be pooling near outside units. This will keep everything dry and create environments that pests won’t thrive in.

6. Keep Areas Clean and Clutter-Free

Small rodents and bugs often end up making their way into HVAC systems, which leads to lower air quality. Have regular maintenance checks to keep the system clean with commercial pest control services, clean up debris in the vanes, and switch out the filters on a regular basis.


About the Author
Raymond Web is the digital marketing manager for Take Care Termite and Pest Control in Tracy, Calif. Web focuses on educating people on pest prevention and control strategies, helping them keep their surroundings healthy, safe, and pest-free.

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