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Red Roof Adds Gift Cards and Products To Guest Rewards

Columbus, Ohio—Economy hotel company Red Roof is enhancing its point-based guest rewards program, RediCard. Guests can now use RediCard points to not only book free nights, but also to shop for gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon and Target or consumer products from Red Roof’s online catalog, including Apple products, cameras, luggage, watches, and more.

“More than ever, rewards are influencing consumer decisions,” says Andrew Alexander, president of Red Roof. “Although Red Roof already has the most robust and rich rewards program in its class, enhancing the program will result in a more loyal customer base and also further differentiate us in this highly competitive marketplace. At Red Roof, we know that loyalty deserves benefits and RediCard is the embodiment of our appreciation and gratitude for our loyal customers.”

According to the 2017 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census, loyalty programs in the hospitality industry are experiencing 20 percent growth, well outpacing their peers in other industries, and there are now 1.1 billion loyalty program memberships in the U.S. for travel and hospitality alone. A recent study by Morgan Stanley Research found that more than 50 percent of those hotel loyalty customers are loyal to a single brand.

Red Roof says that its brand-wide points requirement are the lowest in the industry—a free night is 7,000 points at every Red Roof location for RediCard members and guests earn 10 points for every dollar in room rate paid. The points can be used to book directly online at the company’s newly redesigned website, in person, or on the phone.

“After obsessively listening to guest feedback, we significantly expanded the selection of rewards that guests can redeem with their RediCard points, providing richer rewards and the kind of retail products guests asked for,” says Marina MacDonald, Red Roof’s chief marketing officer. “The power of our generous rewards program has driven repeat business and also enticed new consumers to experience the Red Roof brand.”