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New Urban Park Hotel Collection Launches

Toms River, N.J. – Urban Park Hotels LLC will be the holding company for the new Urban Park Collection of Hotels, a non-franchise conversion brand dedicated to improving operating standards for small hotels.

The brand is competitive in its pricing compared with other hotel franchises throughout the country that have higher fee structures and PIP requirements. Urban Park Hotels has been built as a membership brand, offering a viable and realistic alternative to franchising and providing hotel owners with many of the benefits and services offered by franchise relationships.

The brand also offers simplified standards with a lower range of fees that are not tied to or based on property revenues. Catering to hotel owners reflagging their properties and looking for an alternative to the hotel franchise relationship, the brand is a conversion-friendly product for the independent hotel owner, especially those with primarily limited-service properties that have been overlooked by major franchises. Urban Park Hotels will focus on these independent properties across the country located in markets where they are surrounded by franchised properties and area-of-protection (AOP) issues have labeled them as independents.

According to company management, it was noted that the initial membership fee of $3,000 to $4,000 and the on-going monthly fee of $14 per room (which includes advertising and based on property size) has intentionally been set to be among one of the lowest in the industry.

The Urban Park Hotel Collection will consist of two flags under the corporate umbrella: Urban Park Hotel & Suites and Urban Park Hotel Express. Moreover, the company already has 12 hotels established in the onboarding process at this time.