Managing Laundry Chemical Use

Washing Machine Hotel Laundry

Hotel laundry operations can vary immensely depending on a property’s needs. One area where most agree, however, is that hotel linens and towels must be clean, soft, and smell fresh. To ensure that this is the case, hotel laundry operations require the use of a chemicals to break down oils and stains. However, chemicals are expensive, and the risk of overuse is high.

A recent whitepaper by Hydro Systems—“The Perfect Cycle”—notes the importance of a central dispensing system of major laundry operations, which can save on expenses and ensures the proper amount of chemicals is used per load. The whitepaper notes several must-haves for such a system. They include: wireless reporting capabilities; reliable, durable, and accurate pumps; multiple channel configurations; compact and accessible design; resource-saving capabilities; and a trusted manufacturer.

The wireless reporting capabilities are particularly important, as smart dispensing systems help keep tabs on the machinery’s overall performance and allow managers to access this data even when they are off-site. Depending on the system, managers may even be able to make adjustments remotely to reduce errors and improve productivity.