Keeping HVAC Systems in Top Working Order

Because they’re found in almost every hotel room, maintaining HVAC systems should be a priority for hoteliers, housekeeping, and maintenance staff. According to Don Fort, a national quality and training manager for LG, an HVAC system can last up to 12 years with the proper care, four times the lifespan of a neglected unit. Fort spoke with LODGING and shared three maintenance tips that keep hotel HVAC systems in top working order.

Keep an eye on the evaporator wheel. “At least once a year, remove the evaporator blower wheel, which is the piece that circulates the air, and rinse it out. This will rid the unit of accumulated dust or other items that might fall into that evaporator wheel.”

Perform monthly cleanings. “This is your first line of defense. Rinse out the air filters—this can be done in the room’s bathtub­—and wipe dust off the unit on a monthly basis. You have to keep the filters clean because a clogged filter won’t move air the way it’s supposed to, which may lead to the unit overheating and burning out.”


Make sure it’s secure. “This is an easy one, but it requires vigilance. Make sure that all four mounting screws are tight and secure. This will prevent the unit from rattling and bouncing, as well as undue wear-and-tear.“