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Key Investments for the Housekeeping Department: Where Not To Skimp

The housekeeping department is classified as a “support center”—it generates no direct revenues and can only contribute to a hotel’s bottom line by minimizing...
Housekeeping cleaning cart

Overcoming Three Common Disruptions to Efficient Housekeeping

Housekeeping is a methodical and repetitive process that requires acute attention to detail. To ensure that nothing is missed, room attendants are trained to...

Color-Coded Cleaning: Preventing Cross-Contamination

Selecting the right tools for each housekeeping task is imperative, not only to achieve a high level of cleanliness, but also to prevent cross-contamination...
Hotel Laundry

The Economics of Off-Premise Laundry

One factor that hotel operators may be considering as they manage expenses is whether to operate on-premise laundry facilities or to outsource laundry through...

Meth Labs: A Dangerous Hotel Challenge

Methamphetamine manufacturers often seek to “cook” meth in hotel and motel rooms because it provides them an enclosed, private environment that they can abandon...