Keep Guests and Their Belongings Safe and Secure

According to Christophe Sut, VP of global business development responsible for mobile keys at ASSA ABLOY Hospitality, the greatest threat to hotel guestroom security is the complacency of guests and staff. Sut took some time to talk about guest security with LODGING and provided five tips for hoteliers looking to keep guests and their belongings safe and secure.

1. “Start with a reputable company that has been in the industry for a number of years. There are many startups that offer exciting marketing concepts and ‘cool’ technology, but lack the depth of security knowledge learned through decades of experience by reputable lock companies.”

2. “Make sure your supplier has the financial resources and commitment to constantly update your system to function properly with the stream of changes being introduced by mobile phone manufacturers and network providers. Also, ensure that your risk management or security department—as well as your IT department—is involved in any decision to implement mobile room key technology.”


3. “Avoid mixing technologies from two different suppliers that can independently unlock the door. You need a single entity that is responsible for the end-to-end system security and for the security of each door.”
4. “Every day there are new reports of sophisticated computer systems being hacked and compromised, and while all good systems are designed to withstand a hacking attack, the best system recognizes there is no perfect security. Design the system for the unthinkable so a breach can be addressed by being able to disable the system and modify the security protocols without going to each door lock.”
5. “Only work with suppliers who commit to constantly upgrading the security of their mobile key system and more importantly, have committed the financial and human resources to be able to deliver on these commitments. Security starts with the day of the installation, but lasts for the life of the lock.”