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IDeaS Introduces Channel Forecasting Dashboard for G3 RMS

MINNEAPOLIS—IDeaS announced a Channel Forecasting Dashboard for IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS), empowering profitable decision-making across all channels.

Available to clients with channel costs loaded into G3 RMS, the Channel Forecast Dashboard provides hospitality organizations with an ability to monitor and manage channel performance and costs to understand the profitability of both direct and indirect business and report on and forecast net channel KPIs.

  • Commercial optimization: IDeaS G3 RMS uses analytics and reporting to reveal net-revenue-based insights, letting hospitality organizations optimize distribution and marketing strategies to attract and retain guests.
  • Channel-demand forecasting: The new dashboard delivers real-time insights to understand and forecast future occupancy, costs, and net KPIs, by channel to aid in optimizing commercial strategies and tactics.
  • Performance tracking: The Channel Forecast and Business Insights dashboards in G3 RMS provide visibility into channel and source data. Metrics can be viewed for past periods and forecasted for future periods. Metrics include net channel ADR, RevPAR, revenues, and costs.

Sanjay Nagalia, co-founder, COO, CTO, IDeaS, said, “Maintaining a well-oiled, proactive distribution strategy is crucial for hotels and resorts. Now’s the time for hoteliers to maximize channel performance, boost their profit potential, and attract the most profitable guests, through direct distribution channels, leveraging data-driven commercial strategies. Channel forecasting for G3 RMS empowers IDeaS’ clients with a distinct competitive advantage as travel demand surges once again.”

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