Industry NewsHow Window Film Can Help Hotels Become More Energy Efficient

How Window Film Can Help Hotels Become More Energy Efficient

With cold weather affecting much of the United States, maximizing heat efficiency is top-of-mind for hoteliers. Thankfully, the industry has access to products that can help hotels improve energy efficiency, ensure guest comfort, enhance the design aesthetic of the property, and do so cost-effectively. One of these often overlooked products is professionally-installed window film.

Professionally-installed window film has both immediate and long-lasting benefits including reduced energy costs, improved comfort for guests, a lower carbon footprint, and it eliminates the need for complete window upgrades, which can be costly.

Window film is a sheet of film containing multiple layers of coating that comes in various shades, from dark colorations to nearly clear, allowing hotels to further aesthetically distinguish their space. The film can be applied to a variety of window shapes and sizes, allowing for a custom installation. It’s important that a professional install it to ensure proper product performance. Depending on the size of the hotel, a full installation can be done in just a matter of hours or a few days with little to no impact on guests and employees. If not done effectively, heating can be a large drain for a property’s systems and budget.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, between 25 to 35 percent of wasted building energy is due to inefficient windows. Many older buildings have even less efficient single-pane glass windows. According to the Department of Energy, energy control window film can retain room heat in the winter months and reduce solar heat gain in warmer months. As a result, window film can deliver significant savings on air conditioning and heating costs and reduce the number of hot and cold spots in a hotel. Professionally installled window film can block harmful UV rays, creating a more comfortable environment for guests and employees year-round, reducing glare, and lessening fading on interior furnishings and carpets.

Instead of removing and replacing inefficient windows resulting in additional trash in landfills, along with more energy and waste in creating new windows, a professional window film installation on older windows can extend the physical life of the window while increasing the energy efficiency of them.

With technology improvements, window film products have become one of the easiest to implement and most cost-effective energy efficiency measures available for hotels. It is an investment that can distinguish a hotel from the competition and provide many benefits for today and the future.

Darrell Smith
Darrell Smith
Darrell Smith is the executive director of the International Window Film Association (IWFA) and has over 45 years’ experience in marketing, sales, and distribution, with the last 35 years in the window film industry. The IWFA is an industry body of window film dealers, distributors, and manufacturers that facilitates the growth of the window film industry though the use of education, research, advocacy and consumer awareness.