Hotel Minibars on the Way Out

    Ahhhh, the hotel minibar—the overpriced dinosaur that still takes up space in hotel rooms around the world. In recent years, hotel companies have tried to get creative with their approach to minibars—adding gourmet items and local flavor—but most consumers still aren’t biting.

    According to this report from ABC News’ Nightline, more hotels are doing away with minibars because guests’ habits are changing.

    A recent TripAdvisor study showed that only 21 percent of participants cared whether there was a minibar in their room. Today, more consumers buy grab-and-go items from convenience or drugstores rather than pay extra for a snack from the in-room refrigerator.

    Jimmy Im, a travel writer for Fodor’s, told Nightline‘s Nick Watt that minibars are a “dying amenity” and explained that more hotel guests want to eat, drink, and snack in public spaces instead of in the privacy of their hotel rooms.


    Do you think minibars will eventually be phased out, or do you still see them as valuable amenities in the hotel business?

    More from ABC News.

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