Grab-and-Go Success: Five Questions for Hoteliers to Consider

Food and beverage expenses are on the rise, and it’s prompting hoteliers to rethink their strategies. An STR analysis published in LODGING found that heightened labor costs along with other F&B expenses cut into hotel profit margins in 2023. This reality has prompted operators to scale back some services and invest in new solutions, according to an October 2023 CBRE analysis for LODGING. Hoteliers are leveraging grab-and-go marketplaces and self-serve kiosks to serve up the food and beverage items guests want in more convenient and cost-effective ways.

But what makes a successful grab-and-go marketplace that boosts guest satisfaction and sales? Here are five questions to consider.

Do your guests want meals or snacks?

Consumer research shows that people are eating fewer meals and snacking more frequently. In its 2023 Snack Trends Report, Datassential asked consumers how their snacking frequency changed in the previous year: 33% said they snacked more often, and 53% said they snacked at the same pace. One example of easy-to-implement products are Del Monte’s® new Fruit Cup Snacks, which come labeled for individual sale. Data from the Hartman Group’s “A New Landscape of Eating” report shows that mid-morning and afternoon snack consumption rose slightly in 2022 while meal occasions declined. Rather than sitting down to a full plate morning, noon, and night, people are enjoying fewer items at times spread throughout their day.

When are your guests eating?

Overall, most U.S. adults eat breakfast (59 percent), lunch (62 percent), and dinner (76 percent), according to the Hartman Group. In between, afternoon snacks are the most popularly enjoyed (34 percent) followed by after-dinner (29 percent), early morning (23 percent), mid-morning (23 percent), and late-night snacks (22 percent). Gen Z and millennials are more likely to grab mid-morning and afternoon snacks.

What types of snacks do your guests want?

In its 2023 Snack Trends Report, Datassential asked consumers what snacks they have been consuming more often over the past year. Fruit was the most popular response (35 percent), followed by salty, crunchy snacks (28 percent), nuts (25%), and vegetables (22%). Del Monte Fruit Cups Snacks, made with tropical and sweet orchard fruits, tick the box for fruit-forward options.

What factors are influencing purchasing decisions?

According to a 2023 SSP Group study, factors including price, convenience, and quality are driving forces behind travelers’ F&B purchasing decisions. Wellbeing and sustainability are also growing in importance: More than two-thirds of global travelers said they want healthy F&B options, and one in five said they opt for more ethical or sustainable options. “Mainstream fans” are among the seven prominent customer segments outlined in SSP Group’s research, and these travelers value recognizable brands that their whole family enjoys.

Is your grab-and-go experience convenient?

Convenience is a leading factor drawing guests to hotel grab-and-go marketplaces. To be successful, operators will need to adopt technology and service strategies that streamline the consumer experience, according to Technomic’s “What’s in Store for 2024” report. The report also predicts that both predictive and generative artificial intelligence (AI) will play a more prominent role in supporting foodservice operations.

Interested in meeting the snacking demands of today’s consumer? Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks, now labeled for individual sale, come in the perfect portions for grab-and-go snacking. Visit to learn more and request a free sample.

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