Four Seasons Launches Global App

Four Seasons is now offering guests an opportunity to customize their stay on the go with a new, multi-functional global app. Travelers can access a wide array of services and personal options wherever and whenever.

Allen Smith, president and chief executive officer of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, says, “Developed based on guest insights and extensive testing, the Four Seasons App is user-friendly and feature-rich, with the services guests have told us they most desire, such as checking in and out with ease.”

Four Seasons guests arrive with the latest technology already in hand, and the Four Seasons App integrates the services and local expertise every hotel offers in a format they can customize and make their own. Functions and features of the new Four Seasons App include the ability to make and manage reservations in multiple locations at once; wait-free check-in and check-out; options to customize a hotel stay with special requests; local recommendations; a geo location service; and reservation options for hotel amenities, such as the spa.


The Four Seasons app brings together many traditional in-house departments for the first time, and the company has developed new workflow software and other internal systems to ensure a completely seamless experience for guests, allowing them to choose when and how they interact with Four Seasons employees.

“We will continue to evolve the product to reflect the ever changing needs of our global travelers,” continues Smith. “And our greatest asset – our people – will still provide the highest value proposition during every guest stay.”