Five Layers of Protection for Hotels Operating Shuttle Services

Hotel shuttle

In recent years, data analyzed by the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration highlights the risks involved for hotels that operate a shuttle service. Many elements must be considered before any hotel should begin operating a shuttle service. From manufacturer design flaws to user error, countless liabilities lie in wait, like a trap that any hotelier can fall prey to. For those hoteliers set on providing shuttle services, a “layers of protection” approach should be adopted. Those layers can include the following.

1Understand Financial Risks

Start with a plan based on a full understanding of the financial risks.

2Prepare for the Worst

Before the very first guest is ever transported, a hotelier should do some homework to be prepared for the worst.

3Consult an Expert

Consulting an experienced insurance broker about potential pitfalls can be a great place to continue researching.

4Secure a Decent Insurance Policy

Whether a hotel decides to operate shuttle services internally or with a third party, a good insurance policy with proper limits should be seriously considered to financially protect all parties.

5Establish Clear Operational Procedures

And finally, establishing clear operational policies and procedures can help significantly reduce risk and prevent potential catastrophes.



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David Demoss is a principal of G4 Risk Solutions, a hospitality risk management firm based in San Diego, Calif.