Even Hotels Introduces Chief Wellness Officers For Its Inaugural Properties

ATLANTA—Even Hotels announces that Scott Blakeslee and Dieter Schmitz will serve as chief wellness officers for the Rockville property and the Norwalk property, respectively; Blakeslee also serves as brand general manager. Alongside Blakeslee and Schmitz are newly hired leadership team members who will each focus on one of the four brand components of Even Hotels—eating well, resting easy, keeping active, and accomplishing more—and who will be instrumental in bringing to life the Even brand by delivering a consistent wellness travel experience to guests visiting the Norwalk and Rockville properties, which will both open before the end of June 2014.

“As part of the brand development process, we created purpose-driven job titles and job descriptions to attract team members who will be excited by the brand platform,” said Adam Glickman, head of Even Hotels, IHG. “Wellness isn’t just a way of life for our guests. A healthy lifestyle and the idea that we are each on our own wellness journey are also central to each of our team members. We look for team members who are passionate and motivated to help others achieve their wellness goals and stay true to their wellness routines.”

Each of the new hires was selected based on not only a skill set or experience in the hospitality industry, but because he or she embodies the spirit of the brand and values wellness in his or her own life. The Even brand was designed around the idea that wellness means different things to different people, and the teams truly reflect that, with each team member on a wellness journey of his or her own. Their personal experiences, passions, and expertise in different areas of wellness mean that the teams can support and inspire guests in a way that is unique to Even Hotels.


“When I first learned that IHG was launching Even Hotels, I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of the brand,” Blakeslee said. “When starting my career in the hospitality industry, I was a fitness instructor and personal trainer; so naturally, I was drawn to the opportunity to help bring this incredible brand to life by drawing from my professional experience and personal lifestyle. The concept of EVEN Hotels and the experience the brand delivers are greatly desired by so many travelers who regularly sacrifice their routines and lifestyle while they’re on the road, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team to provide solutions for these travelers.”

Similarly, the opportunity to launch Even Hotels is an honor for Dieter: “As an hotelier, I take immense pride in providing superior experiences to my guests, and the product and service Even Hotels provides guests is unlike anything I have experienced before. The opportunity to be a part of the Even brand and offer guests, who have far too long accepted that they must sacrifice their wellness routine while traveling, a better travel alternative is a dream come true. As a collective team, we cannot wait to share our wellness offering with our guests.”