TechnologyEnseo’s CORE Create Allows Hotels to Control In-Room TV

Enseo’s CORE Create Allows Hotels to Control In-Room TV

Plano, Texas – Enseo will demo CORE Create, a property content management system, at HITEC Toronto and The Hospitality Show Las Vegas this week. Prioritizing user convenience along with an elevated guest experience, CORE Create’s easy-to-use web browser allows hotels to edit and publish TV user interface (UI) updates directly to guestroom TVs.

Dynamic, on-screen modifications—reflecting hotel offerings, seasonal features, brand updates, targeted messaging, and more—are all aspects that impact the in-room guest experience. By empowering customers with automated and autonomous services, Enseo gives hotels more control to creatively communicate with guests and deliver a more enjoyable experience. CORE Create allows a centralized or single user to quickly control all TVs on property.

Hardware agnostic, CORE by Enseo is available on a variety of both TV and set-back box platforms, giving hotels flexibility in choices for new installs, while also ensuring consistency and cost benefits with upgrades that must account for multiple technologies.

“Guest expectations are changing—they want the same comfort and familiarity with the technology in hotel rooms as their living rooms. At Enseo, our mission is to deliver and support that experience for the guest, and let the hotel focus on all the other aspects of their business. CORE Create does just that, improving the ability for the hotel to meet guest expectations, while simplifying management of the process,” said Corey Rhodes, Enseo CEO.

In 2022, Enseo rebranded its E3 platform to CORE by Enseo. CORE Create is a feature of CORE by Enseo, allowing hoteliers to manage content including text, graphics, pictures, and video within seconds. CORE Create has opened new possibilities in design and improved the ease with added revenue opportunities, as the system can better feature hotel upsells. Guestroom TV UI updates occur in three steps: “login,” “select,” and “publish.”

Enseo will demonstrate CORE Create among other features at HITEC Toronto (booth #1307) and The Hospitality Show Las Vegas (booth #917) this week.

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