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Enseo Enables Volara to In-Room TV and Room Control Solutions

PLANE, Texas—Enseo and Volara have integrated to voice-enable Enseo’s in-room TV and room controls solutions. The integration with Volara enables guests to use voice commands to control the TV in-room entertainment suite and smart guest room controls powered by CORE by Enseo. Hotel guests will use familiar voice commands to manage their contactless in-room technology experience.

“We look forward to bringing a more seamless and enhanced experience to guests with voice control,” said David Simpson, chief product officer at Enseo. “As we continue to innovate our platform, CORE by Enseo, we’re happy to provide features that meet changing guest demands with Volara’s voice-based contactless customer engagement and touchless controls.”

Volara will provide voice-based conversation management software and an integration hub to Enseo’s technology while protecting hotels’ proprietary data from disclosure to the natural language processing platforms. The integration allows guests to control the TV, including searching available channels and selecting streaming apps, as well as control the room environment like temperature, lights, window shades, and more. Enseo customers who enable Volara Voice Controls can expect the same data and reporting streams they’re accustomed to, including real-time data updates, remote monitoring and management, and more.

“We are excited to work with Enseo to voice-enable their product suite for their customers,” said David Berger, Volara CEO. “By combining voice and guest experience technologies, we are optimizing the in-room experience by providing solutions that bring convenience and efficiency to guests and staff alike, eliminating the need to touch in-room equipment like the thermostat and remote control.”

Voice enablement is available to Enseo-powered properties including existing and new installations via Enseo’s upgraded solution, CORE by Enseo.

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