Duetto Partners with Trump Hotel Collection

NEW YORK—Duetto has announced that it will implement its revenue strategy solutions for Trump Hotel Collection, bringing new insights on pricing and demand to the luxury hotel collection. Duetto will launch its services in nine destinations, encompassing more than 3,000 rooms worldwide. The rollout will begin with the 391-room Trump SoHo New York, followed by a rollout at Trump properties in Chicago, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Miami, Panama, Canada, and Ireland.

“We are very happy to announce this agreement with Trump Hotel Collection, one of the most recognizable and distinguished luxury hotel groups in the world,” said Duetto CEO Patrick Bosworth. “In a fast-paced and rapidly changing marketplace, Duetto’s revenue strategy solutions bring flexibility to fully optimize revenue and manage distribution complexity. We are excited to bring a new level of insight and revenue optimization to Trump, beginning in Manhattan–and look forward to the full rollout of our solution at Trump properties around the world in the weeks ahead.”

“The Trump Hotel Collection prides itself on being innovators, not only in guest service and property management, but also in revenue strategy and profit optimization,” said Nathan Crisp, vice president of revenue management and distribution, The Trump Hotel Collection. “We are pleased to begin working with Duetto.”