Delta Five Launches Automated Insect Monitoring System

RALEIGH, N.C.—Delta Five Systems, a leader in unattended sensors and automation for the hospitality industry, announced today the release of its Automated Insect Monitoring (AIM) System for bed bugs and other insects. AIM alerts hoteliers to the presence of bed bugs and other insects with a 90 percent proven success rate. The Wi-Fi enabled device utilizes an all-natural, non-toxic lure to attract bed bugs and alert property management so remediation can occur before a guest is impacted.

“Bed bugs are the ultimate hitch-hiker or stowaway insect. The likelihood of a property having bed bugs has nothing to do with its cleanliness or physical attributes or even the attentiveness of their housekeeping attendants,” says Jason Janet, CEO of Delta Five. “Every property is susceptible to bugs. The only way to eliminate them is to identify their presence as early as possible and take immediate action. AIM does just that!”

AIM uses internal cameras to detect captured insects and instantly notifies appropriate individuals through email or text alerts. Management can view images of the captured insects and see alerts from the Delta Five dashboard. The device discreetly secures to the headboard wall behind the bed and does not interfere with the normal activities of housekeeping or guests.


While AIM was designed to attract and capture bed bugs, field case studies have shown it is also effective at attracting roaches, silverfish, earwigs, spiders, beetles, and other insects. Because the device monitors rooms 24/7, a hotel is no longer reliant on laborious point-in-time inspections. Janet adds, “For the price of a single inspection, a property can protect each room, every minute of the day. It’s the equivalent of a smoke detector for bed bugs.”


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