Curator Hotel & Resort Collection Partners With eTip

BETHESDA, Maryland—Curator Hotel & Resort Collection announced a new partnership with eTip. This new collaboration will help participating Curator members drive operational efficiency and engage team members with digital financial benefits.

“At Curator, we focus on optimizing operations and driving revenue growth for our member hotels. We are excited to provide our member hotels with eTip as a new digital tipping solution under our preferred program,” said Brent Hayhurst, vice president of program development for Curator Hotel & Resort Collection. “This collaboration will further promote the growing adoption of digital tipping operations across our member properties. With eTip, operators can expect to streamline the gratuity process, foster a more rewarding work environment for the team, and ultimately elevate the level of service our guests receive, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty. Operators can also rely on a white-labeled, app-less, seamless guest experience, offering a fully compliant and secure way to track and deliver tips to their team members.”

eTip is a top digital tipping and financial benefits platform for service businesses like hotels, restaurants, gaming, and more. The company’s mission is to support the services economy by offering a platform that digitizes cash-based tasks, consolidates tipping processes, and provides workers with financial wellness resources like emergency savings, credit building, and on-demand payout of tips to achieve long-term financial goals. eTip leverages technology to financially empower those who rely on tips, providing a modern tipping service to support the livelihoods of individuals and businesses.

“We’re thrilled to partner with a truly value-driven organization like Curator, which takes great pride in providing its members with access to the most innovative and robust hospitality offerings with a focus on compliance and security, ” said Robert Petteruti, eTip’s cofounder. “What truly appeals to us about Curator is the organization’s commitment to creating value across the many (and often dizzying) hospitality vendor categories. Every Curator property boasts its own personality and ethos. We fully embrace the exciting challenge of helping these unique properties implement our platform in a way that works for each of their hardworking teams as well as their hotel guests—all while supporting Curator’s mission of championing ‘fierce independence’ and excellence in the hospitality market.”

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