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Ctrip Signs Distribution Agreement With Millennium Hotels and Resorts

SAN FRANCISCO— International, one of China’s largest integrated travel services companies, this week signed an agreement with upscale global hoteliers Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR) to develop a global distribution strategy promoting MHR properties to Ctrip’s 300 million customer base.

The agreement marks the start of an alliance enabling Ctrip to offer MHR’s portfolio of hotels in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australasia to its China-based business and leisure travel clients. Through the collaboration, MHR will partner with Ctrip’s membership program, which will certify its properties as “Chinese Friendly Hotels” and enable them to benefit from Ctrip’s ranking system. MHR and Ctrip will also work towards customer initiatives such as the launching of a flagship store on Ctrip’s digital platforms, joint marketing campaigns, knowledge sharing, and cross-exposure programs for team members.

Ctrip is the leading platform for Chinese nationals traveling overseas. About one in four Chinese citizens use Ctrip to book and search for outbound flight tickets, making it the world’s largest outbound travel platform.

“We are so grateful to be enhancing our relationship with MHR,” said David Zhou, chief business officer for accommodation business unit of Ctrip. “Chinese outbound tourists reached nearly 150 million in 2018, and the growth for this year remains strong. By signing this China–focused distribution agreement with MHR, we are continuing to offer 300 million members the best hotel experience worldwide whilst enhancing MHR’s presence and boosting new business opportunities for them in the China Market.”

“We are delighted to be joining forces with Ctrip and thus raising the profile of our hotel offering in the large and fast-growing China travel market,” said Nayan Peshkar, MHR senior vice president—digital, distribution, and revenue strategy. “Asia is our second biggest region of operations, so we already have a deep and embedded experience of what it takes to meet the high demands of business and leisure travelers from China. With hotels located in some of the world’s most attractive destinations, we look forward to welcoming more of Ctrip’s customers in the coming year.”