Chip Rogers Shares Two of His Biggest Goals as President and CEO of AHLA

Chip Rogers

Chip Rogers says that advocacy and education will be AHLA’s top two priorities, “as always,” but he has a couple of other lofty goals in his new role as president and CEO.

1Strengthening relationships with lawmakers.

“One great thing about the advocacy world is that it’s never the same today as it was yesterday, and it will certainly be different tomorrow. Just look at the recent election results—we have more than 100 new members of Congress, and now we have to introduce the hotel industry to all of them. The process of building and strengthening relationships never stops.”

2Make AHLA a household name.

“I see a great chance for AHLA to further emerge as the recognized leader in this industry. Some organizations, like the American Medical Association (AMA), are household names. When new medical legislation is introduced, people wonder what the AMA is going to think. We need to be in the same position. When new legislation about hospitality or even travel in general is introduced, I want AHLA to be top-of-mind. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting closer.”


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Kate Hughes, Editor, LODGING Magazine