TechnologyCardFree Launches Geo-Location Solution: CardFree Concierge

CardFree Launches Geo-Location Solution: CardFree Concierge

SAN FRANCISCO—CardFree is launching CardFree Concierge—a suite of solutions from geo-location for poolside ordering to enhanced in-room ordering and tailored guest experiences while taking the strain off of employees through digital connectivity.

As hotels begin to regain their footing post-pandemic while dealing with high staff turnover, technological advancements have been necessary to drive sales and increase efficiencies. CardFree has been working with several hotels to test its platform, both in-room and onsite, with products like charge-to-room, loyalty integration, remote ordering anywhere on-premise with geo-location capabilities, and order and pay at the table solutions. Concierge has led to ordering growth of over 60 percent for the hotels deployed to date.

“Historically, hotels and the hospitality industry have been reluctant to embrace technology in an industry so relationship-focused. Restaurants led the way, highlighting that allowing the customer to be self-directed can drive sales and decrease frustration simultaneously—all leading to a better experience and a reason to visit again,” adds Jon Squire, CEO of CardFree. “With CardFree Concierge, we know where the customer is and introduce them into the experience even before they check-in, ensuring a frictionless and personalized journey throughout their stay. So much about a customer coming back is about providing the tools to enjoy all the hotel has to offer; with CardFree Concierge, the hotel is literally in your pocket on-demand.”

CardFree Concierge is a suite of customizable digital solutions meant to create a customer experience. Through geo-location ordering, customers are able to order from the pool, lobby, or any other designated area, ensuring a hotel employee will find the guest to deliver. CardFree Concierge offers in-room ordering from a mobile phone, no app required. CardFree Concierge’s on-premise ordering has Order@Table, Pay@Table, tab management, and text-to-pay solutions. CardFree Concierge also offers multi-unit menu management, loyalty integrations, catering and event management, and self-directed kiosks for orders and payments at hotel restaurants or bars.

“CardFree has been an exceptional partner through implementation and new feature enhancements. They provided the best in class online food ordering platform that met the functional and integration needs with our POS/PMS,” said Pankaj Khanna, vice president of digital product and tech at Great Wolf Lodge. “Through CardFree Concierge, we’ve been able to address key food ordering scenarios and introduce innovative guest-friendly options like order-to-room, order ahead, and QR code ordering where guests have the option to either pay through their phone or charge it to their room. We’ve also seen improvements in our customer and employee satisfaction levels with the integration of self-serve kiosks designed for intuitive ordering for guests and to ease the pressure off our staff.”