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Business traveler uses multiple devices in a guestroom

CardFree Launches Geo-Location Solution: CardFree Concierge

SAN FRANCISCO—CardFree is launching CardFree Concierge—a suite of solutions from geo-location for poolside ordering to enhanced in-room ordering and tailored guest experiences while taking...
guest and operational entertainment

Entertainment Evolution: Meeting Increased Guest and Operational Demands Post-Pandemic

Today’s entertainment landscape has evolved significantly over the past decade as advancements in technology have facilitated the rise of more connected devices, streaming services,...
World Cinema Inc.

Power of Choice: Designing In-Room Experiences That Perform for Guests and Hoteliers

Hoteliers have accelerated their adoption of technology in recent years, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and within the guestroom, where travelers...
Tablet in the guestroom

Survey Shows What Guests Actually Want From Hotels

NEW YORK—According to a new poll conducted by research firm YouGov and commissioned by hotel operations platform ALICE, 81 percent of consumers would like...
Tablet in the guestroom

For In-Room Technology, Look to the Living Room

Connected technology is advancing quickly and hotels must be ready to meet or exceed the experiences guests have in their homes. Consumer trends show...