TechnologyBrittain Resorts & Hotels Introduces AI Business Intelligence Tech Matrix

Brittain Resorts & Hotels Introduces AI Business Intelligence Tech Matrix

MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina—Brittain Resorts & Hotels (BRH) introduced an AI-driven business intelligence technology matrix. The move comes as BRH increases its service offerings as it expands further into third-party management for hotel owners seeking improved values and measurements.

“While the hospitality industry traditionally has taken a ‘wait and see’ approach to new technologies, we have taken a much more aggressive approach at Brittain,” said Christy Jernigan, chief development officer, BRH. “AI and business intelligence are major data and analytics initiatives for Brittain, and we have integrated AI into its strategy. The business intelligence component allows us to understand and interpret our data across all channels for ongoing analysis and simplified reporting back to our owners. For the new systems we’ve added, the integration of AI, machine learning, or business intelligence not only automates tasks but also offers predictive insights, optimization suggestions, and enhanced user experiences.”

The new matrix includes multiple platforms, including guest data, social media management, guest messaging communication, revenue management, CRS, customer relationship management, market data, parity management, payroll, and HR systems. For each, AI has been applied to improve the respective processes. For example, AI can analyze guest preferences and behaviors to automate and personalize marketing campaigns or optimize rate management by analyzing vast datasets, predicting market demand, and adjusting pricing strategies in real-time to maximize revenue. The system will run under Power BI, a data visualization and business analytics tool developed by Microsoft that connects to multiple data sources, allowing users to aggregate, analyze, visualize, and share insights through interactive dashboards and reports.

“We are applying our Business Intelligence capabilities to provide multiple, tangible benefits to the hotels we operate,” Jernigan added. “From integrating with a hotel’s property management system (PMS) to provide insights into guest demographics, preferences, and behaviors to analyzing operational data to uncover inefficiencies in housekeeping, maintenance, or F&B operations, this platform represents a cutting-edge approach to working with the newest technologies available. These tools produce meaningful improvements to operations, which in turn lead to increased values for our shareholders.”