Technology5G LLC and IHG Sign Agreement Connecting Hotel Rooftops With 5G Networks

5G LLC and IHG Sign Agreement Connecting Hotel Rooftops With 5G Networks

WASHINGTON, D.C.—5G LLC has signed an agreement with IHG Hotels & Resorts to enable owners of more than 3,800 IHG-branded hotels in the United States to develop a long-term digital revenue stream by connecting hotel rooftops with leading 5G networks. 5G LLC is working with IHG and the IHG Owners Association to provide opportunities for owners to benefit from this marketplace opportunity.

“For IHG-branded hotel owners, this agreement represents a unique opportunity to gain a revenue stream by leveraging unused space on a property’s rooftop without added owner costs,” said Colin Macdonald, vice president of operations, Americas, IHG Hotels & Resorts. “One advantage from this collaboration is that 5G LLC can market to multiple wireless carriers on an owner’s behalf for increased revenue potential.”

“5G LLC is delighted to be working with one of the world’s leading brands in the hotel industry to unlock rooftop lease revenue and help manage it as a long-term asset,” said Nikki Boatwright, senior director of business development at 5G LLC. “We are thrilled to also be partnering with the IHG Owners Association to accelerate this rollout.”

5G LLC is working with portfolio managers and major carriers in the United States to deploy and expand 5G connectivity. 5G LLC delivers experience in working with both carriers and leaders in the commercial real estate sector to help clients capitalize on opportunities.

“Demand is growing considerably for rooftop connectivity for 5G,” said Rick Varnell, managing director of 5G LLC. “Leaders from commercial real estate and telecommunications have been looking for ways to bridge the operating challenges that can lead to significant potential for hotel owners. 5G LLC is at the forefront of that solution.”

5G LLC allows commercial real estate owners to become an on-ramp to national 5G deployments. In turn, these owners can receive financial benefits from using their rooftops as revenue streams that drive net operating income and increase asset value.