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50+ Hotel Management Companies to Know in 2023

Important information for hoteliers to know before choosing a management company

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The U.S. hotel industry has made many strides since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 2023 has been off to a strong start. At the beginning of the year, STR reported that revenues and profits reached highest-ever levels during 2022, and CBRE increased its hotel performance forecast to account for expected GDP growth during the coming year. But amid the positive travel industry news, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) recently reported that 80 percent of hotels are experiencing staffing shortages and are looking for new ways to incentivize workers to join the industry’s ranks. To help meet the staffing challenge, capitalize on growth opportunities, and strategically position themselves against the competition, hoteliers often look to partner with management companies. This year, LODGING profiles over 50 management companies that can assist hoteliers in realizing their goals.

Editor’s note: The following list is in alphabetical order. All numbers are for the 2022 calendar year, United States only, unless otherwise stated.


Indigo Road Hospitality Group

Skyline Lodge | Highlands, North Carolina

Starting in 2009 with a restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, Indigo Road has since grown to 30 restaurants, four operating hotels, and seven hotel development projects, four of which will open over the next 12 months. With a focus on lifestyle hospitality, Indigo Road makes food and beverage an experience at each of its hotels, which lets team members practice hospitality for the well-being of its guests and team members.

Total Rooms Managed161
Total Properties Managed4
Third-Party Rooms Managed98
Third-Party Properties Managed63
Total Gross Revenue$12,000,000
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