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Tips on Tile: Design Trends and Keys to Maintenance

Tips on Tile: Design Trends and Keys to Maintenance

Perry Yancovich, director of national sales for tile manufacturer Ragno USA, provides advice on how hotels can get more out of their floor.

What are some of the latest design trends for tile in the hotel environment?
Large-format tile is growing in popularity in the tile industry right now, particularly in the hospitality segment. A traditional smaller format tile is no longer a standard choice, as larger tiles provide more fashion-forward options and also cut down on maintenance.

When is it time for a hotel to replace its tile?
There are two key factors that determine when tile should be replaced: image and maintenance. Hotels must appeal to their particular customer and deliver on the quality and aesthetics they have come to expect when they stay away from home. Over the years, hotels may find it necessary to update décor to stay on top of trends and keep current and gain new customers.

Maintenance, however, is key for hotels that want to keep a clean, pleasant appearance for guests. By updating tile immediately whenever cracks appear or tile loosens, they are able to maintain a clean look that doesn’t raise concerns about quality of service. If the damage and wear is severe enough, an entire gut may be necessary.

What are some tips to maintain the tile so it gets the most wear?
In the beginning phases of construction, one of the key factors in tile selection is finding a low-maintenance option. For this reason, we encourage hotels and contractors to select a higher quality tile to eliminate future maintenance worries.

To ensure the durability of tile, proper maintenance should be preformed regularly, particularly in high-traffic areas. Routine care helps to prevent damage in the tile and grout. When purchasing cleaning products, make sure the cleaner does not contain ingredients that could harm the tile finish. Each type of tile, from ceramic to natural stone, has different cleaning recommendations.

If something does happen to the tile, like loosening or chipping, it is easy to switch out individual tiles. For this reason, we recommend purchasing extra tile during the initial installation in case something happens and the tile is out of stock or discontinued. Hotels do not want to end up with mismatched rooms later on, as this takes away from the cohesive aesthetic.

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