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Director Baz Luhrmann Designing Faena Saxony Hotel

The over-the-top aesthetic of director Baz Luhrmann can be seen in movies including The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge. But soon enough, travelers to Miami Beach will have the opportunity to stay in a hotel inspired by Luhrmann’s vision.

Recently, Luhrmann joined the project at 3201 Collins Avenue in Miami as the creative advisor. The huge development project includes a reinvention of the historic 168-suite Saxony Hotel as well as the creation of a luxury residential complex, an arts center, and multiple restaurants and bars.

Luhrmann is teaming up with his wife Catherine Martin, who works as a Hollywood set and costume designer, to design the interior spaces, staff uniforms, and cultural programing at the glamorous old hotel.

Hotel design is a new foray for the creative duo, but Luhrmann told Vanity Fair that the couple is approaching the design process as if they were creating a film. The pair did a lot of research prior to starting work on the project, including interviewing the sons of George Sax, the original founder of the hotel.

There aren’t many details about a timeline for the project just yet, but if you want to check out a preview of the Faena Saxony Hotel and listen to a discussion about the project between Luhrmann and Faena Founder Alan Faena, check out the video above.

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