Venue Butler Launches in Hotels Across Chicago

Venue Butler

Venue Butler launched their taxi booking device for hotels across Chicago. The device allows hotels in Chicago to simply and safely book taxis for their guests.

Talking about the launch, Managing Director of Venue Butler, Thomas Kruyne said, “Imagine this: A receptionist or concierge is running around checking in a newly arriving guest, picking up the phone to make a new reservation, and making a room key for an existing guest. The last thing they want to be doing is picking up the phone to the taxi company or going outside to hail a cab for their guests. That’s where our free taxi booking device comes in. One click of a button and the taxi is already on its way to their hotel. A minute later the concierge can see the driver’s name and arrival on-screen and tell the guest that their taxi will be there in precisely five minutes.”

The device shows up-to-date information on the booking status, the cab driver medallion number, the estimated time of arrival, and the driver’s name.

On the Venue Butler device, front desk agents can book, track, and cancel taxis for their guests. With the device, front desk staff can stay on top of ongoing requests for taxis by having an on-screen overview of all requested, confirmed, on-route, and canceled taxis. It provides up-to-date information on the booking status.


The device’s built-in sim card provides a 99.9 percent uptime so that hotels can book taxis around the clock. It comes with the hotel address pre-configured in the device. Specifically in Chicago, it’s connected to one of the city’s largest yellow cab services.

Thomas said, “Venue Butler is a team that places taxi booking devices in hotels around the world. Our vision is to be connected to ourselves and others and to be as one. It’s the foundation of everything we do. By placing these devices in hotels for free, we are enabling the connection between millions of people, all through a simple taxi booking device. One of the biggest challenges when people are traveling is having a comfortable ride all along. It has been shown that guests prefer to stay in hotels that provide end-to-end services, including arranging transportation for them. We’re so happy that Chicago is now part of the building blocks to make this happen, especially with spring approaching, Chicago hotels will hopefully see an increase in occupancy too.”

As part of its launch across the East Coast, Venue Butler is rolling out their team in Chicago to connect with venues, equip them with the device and provide ongoing support.

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