Three Technology Solutions Designed to Drive Hotel F&B Revenue

SilverWare POS
SilverWare POS

Hotel owners and operators are constantly on the lookout for strategies and solutions that help their businesses run more efficiently and cost-effectively while preserving the level of service that guests have come to expect—especially in the F&B space where revenues and staffing levels remain depressed. To respond to this need, hospitality technology providers are rolling out new products and integrations that streamline operations and the guest experience. From QR codes to minibars, below are three technology solutions that are designed to help hotels drive F&B revenue and improve the guest experience.

SilverWare POS: Contactless Ordering and Payments

SilverWare POS built a customizable, mobile in-seat ordering, tipping, and payment platform that gives restaurant patrons touch-free control over their dining experiences while enabling operators to speed table turns and increase check averages. Using their personal mobile devices, guests scan a tableside QR code to upload a digital menu, order meals, split the check, add a tip, and pay.

Lucky Thalas, SilverWare executive vice president, said that this platform is designed to minimize interactions between guests and staff, building confidence and driving revenue in a post-COVID world. “Restaurant guests still have concerns when it comes to in-seat dining, even if they are enjoying a meal outdoors,” said Lucky Thalas, SilverWare executive vice president. “By giving diners complete control over the ordering, reordering, tipping, and payment processes, wait times to place orders are lessening and satisfaction is increasing, leading to higher check averages, faster table turns, and more positive online reviews. With most restaurants still operating at 50 percent capacity, this is critical to their financial stability and the future of hospitality.”

Through the In-Seat Contactless Platform, menu items and prices are synced from the restaurant’s point-of-sale system to the diner’s mobile device, enabling them to view the full menu, select a course, name seats for diners, tag allergies, and request expert service in real time. The platform is purpose-built to free up staff to focus on upselling and increasing guest spend.

Bartech: Automatic In-Room Minibar Tray 

Bartech’s proprietary NeoTray allows non-refrigerated items to be securely offered to hotel guests through an automated point-of-sale within the safety of the guestroom. The solution can also be used to present non-traditional items for purchase, such as personal protection equipment like masks and hand sanitizer.

“In today’s challenging travel environment, guests are increasingly conscious of their own health and safety during their stay and will tend to avoid common areas like crowded hotel bars and restaurants,” said Mario Agrario, CEO, Bartech. “This means they will be likely to spend more time in the guestroom, but will still expect their needs to be met in a way that makes them feel safe and comfortable.”

With a clear, protective sealed lid, the NeoTray allows products to be displayed to encourage purchase, optimizing the potential for in-room revenue. The unit can also be sanitized and visibly sealed with a sticker to provide added guest assurance. The NeoTray uses WiFi or the built-in ZigBee antenna to send data directly from the unit for a hotel’s property management system (PMS), providing digital record of openings so that only those that have been opened need to be serviced and cleaned between stays, minimizing staff visits to the room. All charges are posted in real-time to the guest folio within the PMS, ensuring accurate charges at checkout.

Kallpod: QR Code Technology

Kallpod, a hospitality tech provider that facilitates real-time engagement between guests, service staff, and internal teams, recently announced that Kontactless is available at select Hyatt, Courtyard Marriott, and Hilton locations, among others. Using QR code technology, Kontactless allows guests to place orders for food, beverages, and merchandise, which can be delivered to where the customer is sitting. Kontactless does not require customers to download an app—guests use their mobile devices to scan a unique QR code that brings them to a custom responsive webpage where they can place orders, make payments, track progress, and leave feedback. Orders can be placed in advance and guests can send an alert on arrival. Kontactless can be integrated into many POS systems, and the company provides customized design and printing of QR codes on behalf of operators.


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