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Easing Employees Through the Kokua-Filament Merger With Transparency

At the 2019 Lodging Conference in September, the hotel management company Kokua Hospitality, LLC, announced that it has merged with Filament Hospitality to become...

Kokua Hospitality and Filament Hospitality Partner to Launch New Management Company

San Francisco – Independent hotel management company Kokua Hospitality, LLC, has joined with Filament Hospitality to become a hybrid third-party management company, Sightline Hospitality. The Partners Currently managing over...
Six hotel management leaders

Six Questions for Leaders in Hotel Management

How do you choose the right management company for your hotel? “Hoteliers should conduct thorough due diligence when screening management companies to ensure there’s a...
Kirk Pederson

Checking In With Kokua Hospitality President Kirk Pederson

San Francisco-based management company Kokua Hospitality was founded in 2005 when hotel investment company Charters Lodging Group decided to explore independent management opportunities. Named...