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Grace Dodge Hotel

No Tipping: Miss Mary Lindsley and The Grace Dodge Hotel

The American entry into World War I in 1917 led to a dramatic increase in the size of departments in the federal government in...
hotel names

Individual Identities: The Evolution of Hotel Names in the United States

William Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?” For U.S. hoteliers in the first half of the twentieth century, the answer was that hotel names...
Mickey Mantle

Heavy Hitter Hotelier: The Story of Mickey Mantle’s Holiday Inn

Mickey Mantle was one of the hottest sports stars of the 1950s. At the time, much like today, sports icons were in high demand...
Hanne Dittler

Much More Than Changing Sheets: Hanne Dittler Helped Hotel Housekeeping Evolve

For much of the hotel industry’s history, the story of women employed in hotels was one of low pay, second-class status, and no real...
Curt Strand — Berlin Hilton

A Look Back: The Accomplishments of Curt Strand

In July, hotel industry giant Curt Strand passed away at the age of 99. Among his many accomplishments, Strand was the last living link...