Sherwin-Williams Releases 2022 Colormix Forecast Collections

Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams

CLEVELAND—Curated from the MODE collection, Sherwin-Williams has announced six color collections designed to help professionals incorporate trending hues to create spaces as the world navigates through a time of collective transition. Drawing inspiration from the palettes in the 2022 Colormix Forecast and a sense of creativity and discovery as people re-engage with the world, the collections were specifically designed for the commercial, hospitality, education, healthcare, multi-family, and new residential markets.

“Today’s professionals are interacting with—and designing for—an ever-changing world that has become more fluid as the boundaries between our offices, homes, and learning centers continue to blur,” said Michael Plank, director of color marketing and design services at Sherwin-Williams. “We created these market-specific palettes to help guide professionals and provide inspiration as they embark on new projects, whether it’s a classroom, a doctor’s office, or a coworking space.”

Each collection incorporates a fully integrated palette that will help designers and professionals create an inviting and mindful environment in the space around them.


Focusing on wellbeing and new flexible working styles has become a priority as organizations reimagine the future of the physical work environment. Soothing and joyful, the colors in the commercial palette inspire an environment that enhances both hybrid and in-person work to the fullest.


Versatile neutral hues like warm gray and deep bronze pair with popular wood tones and organic materials, creating the spirit of this palette. Lively bright tones complement the neutral backgrounds and provide energy and fun in collaboration areas or as accents throughout a space. Showcase punchy greens and yellows like Cucuzza Verde SW 9038 and Chartreuse SW 0073 to create a focal point of inspiration and depth.


Embracing both wellness and escapism, the Sherwin-Williams hospitality palette helps to induce nostalgia and provides a hint of grandeur for individuals as they seek out meaningful travel experiences. From the lobby to guestrooms, selecting the right colors can impact how guests immerse themselves in a space.

Organic tones that emphasize an appreciation of nature help travelers submerge into a simpler lifestyle that embraces humble hues—inviting them to reconnect with a more wholesome way of living. Enhance a sense of sentimental longing for guests with “modern deco,” a look that infuses a light and airy feel through grounding colors and shapes into interiors. Add a moody touch of decadence with darker tones and luxurious finishes, invoking a feel of the new “roaring ‘20s.”


As physical classrooms reopen, there is an increased importance to craft an environment that encourages curiosity, collaboration, and wellbeing among students. The colors in the education palette help to create spaces in which children of all ages can feel a sense of belonging and meaning.

The light neutrals of the palette provide a calming background within classrooms, creating a relaxing and focused atmosphere. Embrace lively and mood-boosting hues that spark imagination and playfulness with tones such as Rejuvenate SW 6620. Within higher education, draw on the past to inspire future learning by incorporating a retro design aesthetic with the carefree sunny yellow hues of the ‘60s, or lean into a sophisticated palette of timeless colors like Inky Blue SW 9149 and Shoji White SW 7042.


As one of the most rapidly evolving settings, designing for flexibility is key for healthcare spaces. From corridors to patient rooms, the colors in the healthcare palette are rooted in creating nurturing spaces for all people. Whether with Sherwin-Williams Loggia SW 7506 or Lite Lavender SW 6554, these hues embrace biophilic elements and speak to the transformation in healthcare.

A sanctuary for holistic healing can be achieved with tones that draw on nature and organic materials, inspired by the desire to help bring the outdoors in. Infuse comfort and peace into any room with the use of warm neutrals, watery blues, and soft greens. Imbue a spark of joy with bright and cheerful pops of color applied to an accent wall or mural to break up an otherwise sterile environment and create a positive focal point for patients.


Color plays a significant role in creating community and connectivity in multi-family spaces. The colors curated for this palette lend themselves to chic yet approachable interior and exterior living spaces for tenants, offering on-trend looks through eye-catching color combinations that instill personality but remain flexible enough to meet all tastes.

Warm neutrals such as Cocoa Whip SW 9084 promote reassurance and steadiness and act as an adaptable backdrop for bedrooms and offices in our ever-changing world. Create an indoor respite by inviting in natural greens like Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color of the Year Evergreen Fog SW 9130 and organic elements from the outdoors. Engage with unexpected pops of color to instill verve in interior multi-purpose areas like gyms and common rooms, or as an exterior accent to help boost a structure’s curb appeal.

New Residential

The tones among the new residential palette are directly inspired by the shift toward nature and away from urban dwelling that we have experienced in the last year. From colors steeped in optimism to those that draw out nostalgia, the colors in this palette work to seamlessly create a cozy haven.

Bold accents with classic neutrals that hint at traditions of the past set the stage for this palette—a collection grounded in dynamic and classic hues that infuse unexpected pops of color. Highlight the personality of a home by pairing a neutral color like Alabaster SW 7008 with Naval SW 6244, a deep and moody blue. Drawing on cues from nature, biophilic colors in lush greens, and creamy whites bring balance into interior and exterior spaces alike.

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