Portland, Oregon, Hotels Suffer Growing Pains in November

City of Portland, Oregon, and Mount Hood in Autumn

Hotels in the United States recorded a 5.2 percent year-on-year drop in profit per room in November, according to the latest HotStats data tracking full-service hotels. Portland, Oregon, also suffered from growing pains in November, as supply increases continue to impact top- and bottom-line performance levels.

Profit & Loss Key Performance Indicators
November 2018 vs. November 2017

RevPAR: -6.8% to $141.45
TRevPAR: -4.4% to $228.31
Payroll: +1.3 pts. to 36.3%
GOPPAR: -12.2% to $78.79

In November, profit per room at hotels in Oregon’s largest city fell by 12.2 percent, which is the fifth month of profit decline in 2018 and the second consecutive month of GOPPAR decline, following the 12.6 percent drop in October. Year-to-date GOPPAR was up 0.6 percent in the city.

Rising costs, which included a 1.2 percentage point increase in labor to 36.3 percent, contributed to profit per room at just $78.79 this month, 29 percent off the year-to-date figure of $110.55.

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