Marriott Launches Wellbeing Challenge App

Marriott International has launched TakeCare Level30, a custom app-based wellbeing challenge available for guests and associates around the world. Available for free download on the Apple App store and Google Play, players partner up and compete, using the gamified app to help build positive, rewarding behaviors into a daily routine.

“We established TakeCare as a wellbeing initiative many years ago to give associates easy, efficient ways to improve their health and happiness,” said Dr. David Rodriguez, executive vice president and global chief human resources officer at Marriott International. “We’re eager and excited to invite our customers to join our family of associates by competing in this year’s global wellbeing challenge.”

TakeCare is activated through engaging experiences and events, group activities, self-help tips, and coaching on a variety of topics from growing a career to building a healthy mind and body, to sharing respect, kindness and passion for giving back to the community, and more. Marriott’s internal research shows that promoting this elevated level of employee experience and personal wellbeing is foundational to creating pleasurable travel experiences for its hotel guests.


“TakeCare Level30 is an engaging experience designed with a partner in mind to complete a variety of wellbeing activities and earn points together. It’s always better to have a friend or colleague you can rely on for encouragement when making any kind of change,” said Leah Evert, global director of associate wellbeing at Marriott International. “We developed the app with the notion that it takes 30 days to build a habit. The activities within the app are tied to personal wellbeing, connecting with others, and caring for the environment.”

During the beta test of the app, players around the world have achieved a variety of tasks:

– Players have tracked that they’ve consumed over 5,500 liters of water.

– Players have read for over 37,000 minutes.

– Players have meditated for more than 11,000 minutes.

– More than half (54 percent) of players have arisen at the sound of the alarm.