Lodging Econometrics Adds Multi-Language Localization Capabilities to Business Development Database

Lodging Econometrics (LE) launched multi-language localization capabilities within its Business Development Database of hotel development intelligence and decision-maker contacts. This update is for the user experience, offering access to hotel development data in a user’s preferred language, and allowing clients to find new business opportunities.

The update includes:

  • Comprehensive Localization: The update introduces a dropdown selector, allowing clients to localize all elements within LE’s database, except for letterheads, to Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, or Hindi. This enhancement ensures that the user interface resonates with local audiences.
  • Future-Ready Solutions: LE’s multi-language localization capabilities allow clients to adapt to markets, providing clients with the ability to navigate and use hotel development data in their preferred language, breaking down language barriers, and enhancing accessibility and understanding. It allows for participation in international collaborations, and expanding market presence. This, in turn, opens more opportunities for communication and collaboration in the global hotel development landscape.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce these new localization capabilities to our esteemed clients,” said Timothy Ford, president at Lodging Econometrics. “This update underscores our commitment to innovation and client-centricity. By offering comprehensive localization tools, LE is committed to supporting multi-national and global clients and expanding our powerful and sophisticated platform, all while making our database platform easier to use across entire organizations. The result for our current and future clients is to provide them with a new competitive edge, global empowerment, and sustainable growth.”

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