TechnologyKnowland Adds Sub-Market Filter to Its Search and Dashboard Functions

Knowland Adds Sub-Market Filter to Its Search and Dashboard Functions

ARLINGTON, Virginia—Knowland announced an advanced data enhancement, Sub-Market Filter, to its popular Market Snapshot Report. The new filter was added to Knowland search and dashboard functions, including Market Snapshot and New-to-Market capabilities, enabling filtering down to the sub-market level within larger markets and pinpointing localized opportunities.

As markets normalize and accounts evolve in the meeting and events space, hotel sales teams need detailed data analytics to help them source new business. This enhancement provides metrics on top geographical neighborhoods in an accessible way, delivering insights sales teams need for an account-based approach to selling.

  • Market Snapshot Updates: Knowland’s Market Snapshot feature can now be customized to help sales teams discover trends in meeting and event performance within a specific sub-market. It shows sub-market level trends and analytics including key metrics, market segments, top industries, and average meeting size, providing valuable insights for decision-making.
  • New-to-Market Capabilities: The sub-market enhancement to Knowland’s New-to-Market feature provides insights on accounts meeting in specific sub-markets, identifying new opportunities down to the local level. Sales leaders can choose to receive weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates via email, keeping them in the loop and providing insight to conduct account-based selling before competitors do.

Jeff Bzdawka, CEO, Knowland, said, “To stay agile in this competitive industry, hotel sellers must be savvy about community activity. With this localized market view, they see opportunities in their immediate area rather than sifting through broad datasets. We continue to innovate our platform with new features and functionalities to help sales teams excel in account-based selling and automate the sales process for better outcomes.”