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Hyatt Focuses on Asset-Light Growth

CHICAGO—During an Investor Day hosted last week in New York City, Hyatt Hotels Corporation shared details around the company’s performance and strategy to create long-term shareholder value by driving asset-light growth. The company plans to sell $1.5 billion in assets by early 2022.

During its presentation, Hyatt detailed its long-term growth strategy and its three-prong approach to maximizing its core business, integrating new growth platforms, and optimizing capital deployment. Across its 19 brands serving the high-end traveler, the company said that it is focused on caring for its guests and customers through personalized experiences that are designed to result in enhanced loyalty and improved operating performance, leading to increased owner preference and continued net rooms growth.

“We are focused on a powerful strategy centered on personalizing the guest and customer experience,” said Mark Hoplamazian, president and CEO, Hyatt Hotels Corporation. “We believe that our strategy will allow us to sustain superior revenue growth and that our continued focus on delivering excellent results for our hotel owners will allow Hyatt to sustain leading net rooms growth in the future.”

Consistent with a commitment to grow in an asset-light approach, Hyatt shared details on the evolution of its capital strategy, including an expansion of its asset sell-down program by $1.5 billion in gross proceeds over the next three years, assuming market conditions allow for the sale of assets on attractive terms to create shareholder value.