How Hotels Could Benefit From Bacteria-Killing Lighting


After her grandmother contracted MRSA during a hospital stay, Colleen Costello co-founded Vital Vio, a company that makes bacteria-killing lighting to combat the spread of harmful pathogens. Now Vital Vio’s CEO, Costello lists three things about bacteria-killing lighting that hoteliers should know.

How do they work?

“Germ-killing LED products excite certain molecules in microorganisms through photo-activation, which produces a reaction that causes cell damage and death over time. These activated molecules are unique to bacterial cells, making this spectrum of light safe to be used around humans and animals.”

Why is it good for hotels?

“Once switched on, these lights work safely, effectively, and, most importantly, continuously kill the germs that are constantly growing on remote controls, night stands, bathroom surfaces, food service areas, reception areas, workout spaces, and more.

How can hoteliers optimize bacteria-killing lights?

“The best way to optimize cleaning is to put continuously disinfecting lights to work in conjunction with traditional intermittent cleaning methods. Hoteliers can also optimize the power and potential of germ-killing lights by incorporating them into high-touch, high-traffic, general areas.”