Grand Sierra Resort Gets Lighting Makeover

When the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nev. took over a former MGM Grand hotel, their first order of business was to give the dated décor a modern makeover. The main focus of the façade.

Designers at Las Vegas-based architecture and interior design firm, Innovativo, decided to give the portico a contemporary and sophisticated update through unique statement lighting, but had to contend with a rather unpredictable challenge: the elements. Not only is Reno known for its sunny, semi-arid climate, it is also famous for its sudden storms. The outdoor lighting had to be able to handle variable weather, be rustproof, and withstand high intensity winds.

Understanding what the Grand Sierra was trying to achieve and the particular climate considerations made Bloom Lighting Group the ideal choice of lighting provider. Working hand in hand with Innovativo, Bloom created two different types of custom perforated satin stainless steel luminaires to allow wind penetration while keeping with the hotel’s consistent design theme.

The first set of custom luminaires were chosen to accent the perforated stainless steel support columns and off-white color scheme. Twenty-four custom square red fixtures installed in two rows atop the main entrance glow from the inside out thanks to acrylic diffuser panels within perforated stain stainless steel outer cages. The 36-inch high luminaires are fitted with PAR20 LEDs for long-lasting and consistent lighting performance.


Secondly, 21 oversized custom chandeliers hang in the area above the driveway amongst circular pot lights. Like the square fixtures, perforated satin stainless steel outer cages surround circular curtains of white polycarbonate beads that reflect a rich glow across the portico. At 111 inches tall, the chandeliers are also fitted with PAR20 LEDs.

Thanks to Bloom’s luminaires, the resulting portico is brighter, more elegant and in harmony with other design elements, both outside and in.

“We were very impressed by Bloom’s design and execution,” said Nancy Paolino, project design executive at Innovativo. “The lighting helps tell a story, and draws the various parts of the hotel and casino together with its consistency, imparting the Grand Sierra with the sense of grandeur and sophistication expected of a four-star resort.”

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